General Chapter Diary – Care of Members & Associates

Today’s Chapter menu – Care of Members & Associates – was a little lighter than the relatively heavy fare of previous days. Some delegates even had the quiet hope of having some extra time off in the afternoon. But that hope did not materialise, alas.

Could the celebration of the birthday of Jac Hetsen, one of our senior delegates, be regarded as adequate compensation? It certainly felt in line with the subject matter at hand: retirement and quality of care. Jac moved into our retirement home at St Jozefhuis just a few weeks ago.

So, the Chapter focused its attention today on such matters as retirement, and the variety of seminars and courses – 65+, mid-life, young members – made available to support the membership in various stages of their ministry. Proper accompaniment of young members in their first appointment, team building and the care of members in crisis also held the attention of the assembly.

Ample time was also given to discussion of the crucial matter of safeguarding .

Gallery of participants:

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