General Chapter Diary – Final Considerations

After finishing the review and approval of the principal Chapter documents dealing with the five ‘umbrella areas’ viz Mission & Identity, Formation, Governance & Leadership, Care of Members & Associates and Finance & Stewardship the capitulants turned their attention this morning to a mix of issues still be discussed and decided upon by this General Chapter. Principal among these was the determination of the composition and location of the next General Chapter.

The morning’s proceedings concluded with an exchange on missionary spirituality and a request to the new leadership to explore provision of further documentation on this crucial matter.

Amid all these serious matters the capitulants also found time for a photo shoot and to celebrate the birthday of chapter delegate, Mathews Olili.

With this the ordinary business of this 19th General Chapter is concluded. The Chapter will reconvene on Saturday morning, June 11, for the official closing ceremony followed by the livestreamed closing Mass at Our Lady and St Edmund’s, Abingdon at 4 pm and a festive dinner.

Gerry Hastie GC, Bernie Luna GC , Michael Corcoran GS, Philip Adede Amek GC

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