General Chapter Diary: Finance

Today’s proceedings at the general chapter focusing on finance could suitably be placed under the proverbial heading: ‘cut your coat according to your cloth’.

A lively awareness that careful consideration is required to keep a balance between all aspects of our missionary endeavours and the means at our disposal has taken hold.

Within this context a number of issues dealing with matters such as the careful stewardship of what we have been entrusted with, sustainability and self-reliance were discussed with great interest and some passion.

The morning coffee break provided a welcome moment away from the intense exchanges and saw a number of capitulants glued to the television screen watching the pageantry of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebration at St Paul’s cathedral.

Quiet attention: Surprise visitor Brian Oswald MHM

Gallery of capitulants:

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  1. Does the Fleming Dunn fund still exist ( for feeding children in Asia).

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