General Chapter Diary – Mission and Identity

Personal sharing and communal reflection on ‘Mission and Identity’ are common fare at every General Chapter. So also this time around.

There was a real feel of synergy and quiet passion in today’s exchanges between the delegates as they endeavoured to attune received formulations and ways of thinking to contemporary challenges .

Formulations such as ‘priority missions, support missions, scary edges’ were bandied about and disagreed upon. It was a real tonic to hear delegates formulate searching questions and see table groups engaged in sustained discussion to articulate their contribution to the plenary.

Meanwhile the Chapter secretary, Christopher Hancock, and his assistant, Paul Mooney, manage to keep a digital record of all that is discussed. That, for sure, is a first marking this eco-friendly Chapter: all communication is conducted digitally without recourse to any printed material. Laptops, smart phones, emails, large screen projections and online zoomsessions (with the facilitator unable to attend because of a Covid infection) are the order of the day.

Gallery of delegates:

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