General Superior

Rev. Fr. Michael Corcoran is 59, is Irish,  and was born and baptised on  7th March 1960 in Kilkenny, Ireland. He responded to a missionary call and went to our MHM minor seminary St. Joseph’s College, Freshford , Ireland (1973 to 1978) .   This was followed by major missionary formation in Roosendaal, the Netherlands, and then in St Joseph’s College, Mill Hill, London, where he made his Perpetual Missionary Commitment on 29th  January 1985 and was subsequently ordained priest 18th August 1985 in Galmoy, Co. Kilkenny, Ireland, and was appointed to Soroti, Diocese. Uganda. He continued to serve in East Aftrica in the following years, including being Vocations Director and Regional, and was  elected to the General Council in 2005, with special responsibility for our missions in Africa. Having completed his five year term, he was later  elected MHM Regional in Ireland and President of the Irish Missionary Union  which he is still at the time of his election as General Superior of our Society.

He was elected 12th General Superior of the Mill Hill Missionaries on Monday 15th June 2015.

Message from the General Superior Autumn 2021

We have all gone through so much over the past eighteen months and yet through it all we are seeing such common spirit and an attitude to the common good coming through by the vast majority of people – we must not lose that. There is hope and there is possibility. It is in this spirit that we are reminded of the theme of our Chapter, ‘that they may have life in abundance’. We are the Life-Givers to the peoples we come in contact with on a daily basis to which our Chapter will point us in the right direction for the future. 

As I wrote in my last message, with the twice postponement of the Chapter, a certain energy has ebbed especially in the preparatory process. In our preparations for the then Chapter 2020, we were moving towards the final arrangements when the pandemic hit. The pandemic has affected all of us and asks the question as to how we emerge from it as a better Mill Hill Society in a better wider Society. Our contributions and submissions will no doubt be influenced by the pandemic as we see our world and society through a new lens continuing the Chapter preparation process, especially from our personal experience. It is important that Members and Associates once again re-connect with the preparations for the Chapter using the opportunities provided by Local Assemblies and all other Mill Hill meetings to raise, reflect upon and discuss the issues that will be presented to the Chapter. To assist with this, the General Council together with the Chapter Preparation Committee will highlight the salient points already made and will post them on the blog. Our Chapter Blog remains open for submissions and contributions.

In a communication from the Congregation for the Evangelisation of People dated 16th July 2021, the validity of the election of Chapter delegates was affirmed with the exception of “any ex officio member who was supposed to participate in the Chapter does not hold the justifying office anymore, then he is considered to have forfeited his right to participation”.

The General Council will direct our Leadership world-wide to provide settings once again so as we can filter where we are as a Society as we come out of this global pandemic. Cluster meetings for Africa and Asia together with the Leadership Consultation for Europe and North America are also being arranged as another important dynamic in our preparation for the Chapter.

Pope Francis in opening the Synod, calls for us to ask where God is leading us at this time. “What it is that God wants to say to us in this time – and the direction in which God wants to lead us?” “Let us have a good journey together,” on our Synodal journey and with our preparations for the Chapter. He also expressed openness to the surprises of the Spirit, not missing out “on the grace-filled opportunities born of encounter, listening, and discernment.”

The pandemic has underscored so many of the things that need to change in society at large and no less within our own Mill Hill Society. In the remaining months as we prepare for the Chapter, I request you in response to the Great Commission of Jesus to ‘go and make disciples of all nations’, that we will engage in discussion and attentive listening and with courage beckon the Holy Spirit to create newness in ways we bear witness to the nations. Now is also an opportune time to pray once again our Chapter prayer that the Lord will grant each of us a spirit that will breathe new and renewed vigour and dynamism in this very important event in the life of our Mill Hill Society.

Let Chapter 2022 allow us once again to move forward with enthusiasm and creatively tapping the direction the Chapter will point to.

Andrew and Jimmy together with the Chapter Preparation Committee join me in wishing you every blessing and good wishes.

Michael Corcoran MHM

Superior General