Ghanaian Missionary Cardinal – Periphery Put on the Map

“From the surprise, I came to accept it as an invitation to serve,” the member of the Missionaries of Africa (White Fathers) said, adding, “As a Priest, that is my first calling, to serve God, to serve his people.”

Being named a Cardinal, he emphasized, is “an opportunity to continue that service in that capacity.”

“I’ll be ready to do what I can to offer my collaboration to the Holy Father in the mission of the Church, wherever he wants me to serve,” The Catholic Bishop who has been at the helm of Wa Diocese since his Episcopal Ordination in May 2016 told ACI Africa.

Asked about what might change in his Episcopal Ministry after the August 27 Consistory, the Cardinal-designate said, “Perhaps what will change will be that I have to attend a few more meetings because of this responsibility.”

“I am expected to be a pastor close to my people, close to my Priests, and to carry on the work of a Bishop in a Diocese,” the 63-year-old Bishop said, and adding that in the meantime, “I will continue with my programs. Like last week, I was out on a pastoral visit in one of the parishes. So, I still continue my ordinary pastoral work in the Diocese.”

Recalling the reaction of the people of God in Wa Diocese following the news of his being named Cardinal, Bishop Baawobr said, “They were very happy. They said it was an honor, not only to me, but to them also. They felt all of a sudden that, yes, what is happening in their Diocese, in our Diocese, has been recognized and they’re very happy about it.”

“At least now people are forced to look up what is Wa and they find it on the map. So, it has put us on the map,” he said. 

Source: ACIAfrica

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