Glowing Tribute to Cardinal Sim

One of my most impactful encounters with the late Cardinal Cornelius Sim was in 2002 during my seminary formation in St. Peter College, Sarawak. Upon the completion of my formation, I requested for an extension of two years for priestly discernment in a parish. Nearing the end of the two years, I remained undecided and contemplated of extending for another year or so. He stared hard at me, smiled, and nodded.

I explained to him that one of my greatest concerns was that of my academic limitations where I may be more of a liability than an asset to the parish. Looking straight into my eyes, with a subtle smile, he said “Jump into the water like Peter!” What!!! But from the look of his endearing and assuring eyes I sensed that it was as if the Lord Jesus Himself was saying that to me.

The rest is history.

Source: Today’s Catholic

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