Holy Land: State Sponsored Water Starvation

Without water, one cannot survive or stay alive. It’s a source of life for humans, animals, and agriculture-a human right. But in Palestine, most of the sources of water are controlled and exploited by Israeli government and companies, even as Palestine already suffers from a scarcity of natural water resources like rivers and fresh lakes.

Without access to water sources, communities are forced to displace to another place where water is available; therefore Israeli government and settlers use water access as a tactic to displace Palestinians.

The Israeli occupation limits water access for Palestinians in several different ways. For example, Israeli authorities block water supply to Palestinian municipalities and restrict the use of agricultural artisan wells. Palestinians must apply for permission to dig new wells, and Israel will almost always deny these licences while at the same time allowing illegal Israeli settlements in the same area to drill agricultural wells without restrictions or conditions.

Source: ICN

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