Iloilo, Philippines: Blessing Mill Hill Formation House Extension

Yesterday, Tuesday 15th August, 2023 was not only a day to celebrate the Solemnity of the Assumption, but it was also a very special day for the Mill Hill Formation House, Iloilo.

From the start of this year, we started off a big project of extending our Formation House student’s quarter in order to make more room for our students who for a long time have been sharing rooms. There was a total of nine rooms added to the third floor of the building which for many years has been vacant.

It was truly was a journey of faith as we were not sure if we would be well able to handle this project especially as we had to raise half of the funds locally. We just started off with the trust that we will finish and all along God sent us good people to help us.

We are very grateful that after all, on this great Solemnity of the Assumption, we had the finished product of the Project blessed. Present at the event was Fr. Benny Quinto, the Society representative who officiated over the blessing ceremony together with other Mill Hill Missionaries living and working here in the Philippines. We also invited the Friends of Mill Hill, Mensa Domini Sisters and all those who helped us in the fund raising that led to the realization of this project. 

We remain grateful to the General Council both former and present for their great support in making this project a reality. 

Tony Emeka MHM (rector)

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