In reaction to the death of Queen Elisabeth II


In the reactions to the death of Queen Elizabeth II, a remarkable lady, I have been touched by the attention given to her life-long commitment. She adopted the noble motto of her ancestors: “I serve”, dedicating her whole life, long or short; and asking God’s help to make good her vow. This was on her ‘coming of age’, her 21st birthday – well before her becoming Queen and her coronation. She took it seriously from April 1947 to September 2022…… This has provoked recognition and admiration in the enormous popular turn-out to express respect for her before the funeral.

It has led me to reflect too on our Mill Hill Perpetual Oath. Do we not perhaps underestimate its significance?…….. I know my ordination date off by heart; but I had to look up my P.O. date in the directory! Really, 01.05.1964 should be a date I remember  each year.   

  John D Kirwan

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