In the Wake of Typhoon Rai – Casay Mission Rebuilds

Having personally experienced and been affected by the devastating typhoon Rai (Odette), it took me a week to write something about it. I was in a state of shock for some days and was grieving for the many losses and destructions in the whole area of the missions of Casay, Anini-y. Ironically, I could not even look at the photos I took immediately after the storm had passed the parish of Casay.

Now that I’m able to look at the ugly face of destructions, I am being encouraged together with the people of Casay mission to find ways on how to rebuild the damaged and dampened spirit. This is the priority of the MHM’s mission in Casay for it does not require finance (the one that we do not have at the moment). This typhoon only damaged and dampened our missionary spirit, did not destroy it. We can rebuild again. In a true sense, Jesus had been born to the world to rebuild the spirit of humanity and He will come again to do just the same. Why not participate in this Jesus’ mission by doing the same, now?

In this coming new year, spiritual rebuilding is the priority of our mission here and the other forms of rebuilding will follow through. It is a matter of trust to the Giver of Good Tidings.

Mario M. Dimapilis, MHM 

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