India: Amid Coronavirus Emergency Missionaries of Charity Aim to Protect ‘Poorest of the Poor’

India is currently testing less than 100 people a day for the COVID-19 coronavirus, with officials saying that they need to save money for other diseases that are more prevalent in the country. Less than 12,000 people have been tested in the entire country.

This means it’s likely the number of cases of COVID-19 is far higher than suspected.

Facilities run by the Missionaries of Charity in India serve the most marginalized people in the country, including those most susceptible to complications stemming from the coronavirus.

The regional superior for the order in Mumbai, Missionary of Charity Sister M. Terese Joseph said the order is trying to go about their work as normally as possible.

“Mother would say: ‘Trust in God.’ While nothing special is being done – we are praying and going about our work as usual – we are taking all the precautions to protect our children. Since this coronavirus began, no visitors are allowed,” she told Crux.

Source: Crux

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