India: Catholic Hermit Nun Dies

She had spent time with two religious congregations initially. When she was 22, she joined the Little Sisters of the Sacred Heart, a contemplative order founded by French hermit and martyr Father Charles de Foucauld. Sister Devi left without taking vows because the congregation wound up its operations in India in 1961 when she was still in the novitiate.

Later, she spent two years with the Benedictine Sisters in Bangalore to observe the congregation and explore the possibility of joining them. She left because she felt the urge to become an ascetic.

In September 1974, she began living deep inside the Girnar mountain range.

Many mistook the Catholic nun for a Hindu sanyasi because of her dress and lifestyle.

In an earlier interview, she explained that even though she looked like a Hindu ascetic, she shared about her Catholic identity and the love of Jesus Christ with everyone who visited her.

Source: Licas News

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