India Covid-19 Emergency Testimonies from the Grassroots: Local Mill Hill Missionary Superior

Greetings from India. You must be well aware of the impact of Covid -19 in India from the news. For the past few months, I was trying my best not to be overwhelmed by the rapid increase of Covid-19 cases here. However, I was not spared. Firstly, some of our Mill Hill members here including some students have tested positive. It was not a good experience for them being in Isolation and undergoing prescribed medication. By God’s grace, they overcame it and they have recovered. It was a reminder to all of us here to take precautions and to be safe.

However, not long after that I had the first-hand experience of Corona. Corona had an impact on my family as well. In the middle of the last month, I wanted to go home for a break to spend some time with my parents. I had hardly spent 3 days at home when I fell sick. I isolated myself and went to Hyderabad and had a test. I tested positive. Upon the guidance of the doctors, I kept myself Isolated and started the medication for Covid-19. Tomorrow is the last day of my quarantine. I feel very much OK now. My Father and my sister are still under medication. I am praying that they recover soon as well. Last two weeks have been difficult for me but I experienced the care and concern of Millhillers here while in quarantine.

The second wave of Corona has really hit us hard. Some people at home and in surrounding villages are affected. Though they are under medication, there is a lot of fear around. Fortunately, I was well looked after by my brothers here. But being in quarantine was not a pleasant experience. On the one hand I had to be strong and take care of myself and on the other hand I had to constantly keep in touch with my family members especially my father and my sister and encourage them to be strong, not to panic and to follow the course of medication and Covid restrictions. They are improving. As more and more people are being affected and as the death tally keeps rising, the fear and helplessness in people keeps increasing. We only hope and pray that this difficult time will soon pass. May the Risen Lord heal us and free us from this pandemic.

Fr Sleevaraj Manchanapalli mhm

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  1. Our thought and prayers are with you all at this difficult time for India. I also ask you to pray for Tom Rafferty in neighbouring Pakistan (Islamabad-Rawalpindi) who is seriously ill with Covid and is in Intensive care as I write. GS

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