India: Critical Reflection on Synodal Pathway

The Synodality synthesis admits right at the beginning that although “the comfort of being led by clergy/religious is still prevalent, the role of the laity as co-responsible collaborators in the Roman Catholic Church in India has begun, but is yet to take root in many dioceses.”

This gently acknowledges that 75 years after the end of colonialism, and with a native-born hierarchy and clergy, for many the Church is the mai-baap, the mother and father, in a rather literal manner. Material resources are controlled rightly by the spiritual leaders.

The paper more than succeeded in its goal of “apprehending common points of convergence as well as the minority or marginal voice that is worthy of mention.” For the record, the reports from 129 of 132 Latin dioceses totaled over 1,500 pages.

Source: UCANews

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