India: First Dalit Cardinal at August 27 Consistory

On a positive note, Saturday 27th of August, will be a day of joy for Dalits around the world as they see one of their own, be made a cardinal. Yet this shift has not been without its struggles. For many years, Dalit organisations and supporters have been championing this cause including the UK based Christian Network against Caste Discrimination, VODI (Voice of Dalit International) and CARJ (The Catholic Association for Racial Justice). Through the volunteering of their time and personal sacrifice, these organisations have continued to assert the unique spiritual gifts and traditions that Dalits offer the Church. It can be a challenge to get support and funding. Caste discrimination is an issue that is not well known or seen as fashionable. Due to the large number of people impacted, it can also feel overwhelming. Some misunderstand the issue as simply cultural. Caste discrimination has also never been seen as a trendy subject for celebrity support! Those in the UK who speak up, can feel that they are lone voices on an almost invisible issue.

Source: ICN

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