India: Human Trafficking and Exploitation during Covid-19 Pandemic

Among the reported cases, that of a father who lost his job and sold his four-month-old child to a wealthy couple, without the child’s mother being aware of it. When the couple showed up to take the baby, the woman managed to save her child thanks to the intervention of the neighbors. The man was a daily wage worker in construction and because he had no work and couldn’t feed his family, he sold the baby in desperation.

In recent months there has also been an increase in cases of forced marriages. Families marry their daughters to have one less mouth to feed. We’ve come across cases where children as young as 12 have been trafficked into a forced marriage.

In the villages, where there is no internet access, many children were unable to continue attending online lessons and there is a high risk of an increase in child labor once we return to normal life. Caritas India is working to help vulnerable children by supporting peer-to-peer learning, psychosocial support, and different activities such as painting, poster making, sports, etc.

Source: Zenit

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