India: ‘I Realized that God Called me to be the Voice for the Voiceless’.

I never wanted to live in a “bubble” where I would just look after my own life; I always wanted to do something great with my life. As a child, I was enriched by spiritual experiences, and recognized the presence of God even when I was young. Jesus led me to choose a life for him, even though I was a timid child growing up in the village of Tamil Nadu, South India.

As I journeyed in the religious life, I was always aware that I needed to serve God by ministering to people. There were moments of joy and sorrow, pain and struggle, but I never wanted to leave Christ and the plan he had for me. Each of us is responsible for fulfilling God’s unique plan for us; if we can’t do it, nobody can replace us.

As years went by and I tried to discern God’s plan, I had the opportunity to work for the so-called “untouchables” of Indian society, the Dalits.

The origin of the word “Dalit” is from Sanskrit, and means “trampled upon.” Dalits are traditionally excluded from the four-layered Hindu caste strata. They perennially face social, economic exclusion, and religious bias, exploitation and humiliation.

Source: Global Sisters Report

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