India: Revisiting Kandhamal Tragedy – A Revelation

But 15 years later, would you believe that the poor but valiant Christians have transformed this tragedy into a cause for Christians not to mourn, but to rejoice.

Despite the brutal persecution amid a hostile atmosphere, hardly any Christian has turned his back on Christ in Kandhamal during the past 15 years. On the contrary, even those who brutalized Christians are now flocking to the churches they tried to banish from Kandhamal, including disciples of the slain Swami.

I have traveled to Kandhamal more than 35 times, spent time with the people, wrote two books, and recorded several videos chronicling the incredible Christian witness, besides three others from secular and human rights angles.

When they were threatened with death to compel them to attend reconversion ceremonies, the valiant Christians fled to the jungles, leaving their possessions behind.

Source: UCANews

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