India: ‘Migrants with Christ and for Christ’

As I was planning the content and layout of this year’s Vocation Promotion calendar with Fr. Bhaskar MHM, my classmate, we discussed what image to put on the cover page. He suggested we focus on migrants which is apt for the current situation in the world during the time of pandemic here in India and especially in Hyderabad. Hyderabad is a place where from different parts of the country people come for the work for their livelihood. There is a beautiful mixture in Hyderabad. But the pandemic disturbed their livelihood. Almost all the migrants have had to go back to their places of origin since March 2020 because of series of lockdowns, loss of jobs, no proper payments and because there is no food for them.

The picture of Mary and Joseph with baby Jesus seeking refuge in Egypt in a time of great distress is a reflection of the life of these migrants.  It was because of Herod, Joseph Mary and Baby Jesus had to flee to Egypt. Now it was because of Covid -19 that people who came in search of jobs, leaving their home town and working for the survival. In this situation one needs to be quiet and prayerful and listen to God knowing that Christ came for the needy. “Migrants with Christ and for Christ”. 

It is becoming increasingly difficult to receive vocations these days. Let us continue to pray to Jesus Mary and Joseph for the guidance of young people. That the Almighty God may inspire youngsters to come forward to serve Christ and his people. 

Arul Nirmal Raj mhm

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