Indian Theological Association in Solidarity with Farmers

“The farm laws will impoverish us further and we will lose our lands,” they say. “We demand that these laws are repealed. Any postponement like ‘freezing the laws for some months’ is a deliberate attempt to weaken our movement,” affirm farmers in one voice.

Farmers stress that they have no legal protection vis-a-vis the big agro-business companies they are pitted against, if disputes arise. “Is it possible for a marginal farmer to fight the multinationals?” ask farmers. In addition, the government has given a free hand for these big companies to hoard food stuff and make huge profits. This step will push millions of poor people to abject poverty. More than seventy elderly farmers have died unable to withstand the severe cold wave. The government has turned a blind eye on the suffering of the farmers and has turned stone deaf to their cries for justice.

‘Farm laws’ are yet another deliberate attempt to weaken the Indian democracy. The right- wing Hindutva groups’ dream of establishing an ethnic Hindu State would be possible only by replacing the sovereign, secular, democratic, socialist republic established by Constitution of India. Demonetization, the abolition of Article 370 of the Indian Constitution, and enactment of Citizenship (Amendment Act) that discriminates people against one another in terms of religion are the other significant moves to destroy the Constitutional democracy of India.


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