Intercongregational First Cycle Formation Centre in Jinja Uganda Celebrates

“PCJ Day Celebration: Reflections on Humility and Simplicity”

On a day filled with reverence and deep spiritual significance, the Philosophy Center Jinja (PCJ) – (First Cycle Formation) in Uganda celebrated its annual PCJ Day. This special occasion was marked with a Mass led by the Mill Hill Community in Jinja, and the main celebrant for the event was the Regional Superior, Fr. Hillary Awiti MHM.

In his homily, Fr. Hillary Awiti shared a profound message that resonated with all those in attendance. He began by narrating the story of a man who, due to his self-imposed toughness, saw everyone around him as difficult and challenging. Fr. Hillary emphasized how often we project our inner struggles onto others, reminding us to look inward and practice self-compassion.

The central themes of humility and simplicity were woven throughout Fr. Hillary’s sermon. He shared a compelling story about Alexander the Great, a historical figure known for his conquests and power. However, what made Alexander truly great was his humility in death. He requested to be buried with his hands open, symbolizing how we all leave this world empty-handed. This powerful lesson in humanity serves as a reminder that material possessions are fleeting, and the true richness lies in our character and actions.

The PCJ Day celebration was marked by excellent singing and a harmonious atmosphere. The Mass, animated by the Mill Hill Community, proceeded smoothly, creating a sense of unity and shared spirituality among all those present.

This year’s PCJ Day not only provided an opportunity for reflection but also encouraged attendees to embrace humility, simplicity, and self-awareness as they continue on their spiritual journey. It served as a reminder that true greatness is not measured by wealth or power but by the depth of one’s character and the impact they leave on the lives of others. 

By Fr. Placide Elia MHM

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