Interdenominational Survey of Contemporary Martyrs – Pope Francis

Pope Francis has announced the establishment of the Dicastery for the Causes of Saints’ ‘Commission for the New Martyrs – Witnesses of the Faith;, ahead of the 2025 Jubilee Year. The working group’s objective will be to draw up a list of Christians from all denominations who have shed their blood for their faith and bear witness to the Gospel.

Pope Francis writes: “Martyrs in the Church are witnesses of the hope that comes from faith in Christ and incites to true charity. Hope keeps alive the profound conviction that good is stronger than evil, because God in Christ has conquered sin and death.”

Source: ICN

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Contemporary Martyrs

There is a movement among religious orders and congregations to erect a monument or memorial to those who have died a violent death since 1930, a Martyrs Memorial.

A definition of a martyr is approximately: a martyr or blood witness is a disciple of Jesus who lived from the love of God in the power of the Holy Spirit, defied evil powers, non-violent, steadfast and defenseless, focused on the lives of others and was life giving, therein stronger than death, giving him/herself to the utmost without counting the cost. It is others who see, confirm and confirm that: a true witness and child of God.

Fons Eppink attends the meetings of the working group. Such a place will probably be set up in Amersfoort.

(Ben Engelbertink – Regional Newsletter)

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