St Joseph’s Missionary Society invites and welcomes anyone who wishes to become part of a network of missionaries serving in Africa, Asia and Latin America as members of the Society working in the local church and community either as priests, brothers, lay-associates or associate priests. The Society is open to receive candidates from any race or nation who desire to join the Mission and Way of Life of the Society.  In practice, candidates generally come from our regions of origin and from the mission areas where the Society has established roots. 

The Society will admit to membership suitable candidates who desire to work for the aims and scope of the Society as ordained or lay members.  Membership is for life.  Associates sign a contract for three years which is renewable.

While membership is open to all who fulfil the necessary admission requirements, those responsible for admission maintain the policy of accepting only those who are from the countries where the Society has roots, where Mill Hill Missionaries are working and where there is the eventual possibility of establishing Home Regions and where active recruitment for membership exists presently. 

Candidates for membership are properly formed and assessed for suitability before admission as members to the Society.  The purpose of the formation programme is to enable candidates to develop a deep relationship with Christ, to discern their missionary vocation and to be suitable prepared for the mission and way of life of the Society (C26).  After an orientation period, the aspirants enter in to the Basic formation Programme. Basic formation takes place at any of the Mill Hill Formation Centres.  Then they enter into the First Cycle of Formation which may last up to three years. Students then spend two years in a mission country for missionary experience.  The final part, the Second Cycle of formation takes place at St Joseph’s Formation Centre in Nairobi. 

During the formation period, students can seek temporary membership.  Students become Temporary members by taking the Temporary Oath.

After the period of formation the students are assessed for their suitability. The successful students are invited to apply formally for permanent membership.  Temporary members become Permanent Members by taking the Perpetual Oath and the new members are appointed to serve as missionaries in any of the focal areas of the Mill Hill Missionaries.   

Missionary placements are made after consultation with the relevant authorities and mutually agreed upon by all those concerned based on the needs and priorities of the Society and the local community.  From time to time, members are withdrawn from their respective mission placements for other Society needs, further studies or renewal.