Islamabad – Rawalpindi, Pakistan: Minority Employment Issues

“We were formerly known as an English-speaking community. Every third Christian house has a liquor permit for both males and females. The Christian divorce rate has tripled. The literacy rate has dropped. Our community feels weaker, helpless, hopeless and humiliated. There is no healthy entertainment. The monster of frustration is slowly eating up our youth. The minority quota for government jobs goes redundant every year.”

The executive secretary of the National Commission for Justice and Peace in Islamabad-Rawalpindi Diocese was addressing an Oct. 1 session on “Constitution of Pakistan and the Christian community” at the five-day Diocesan Youth Congress that concluded on Oct. 3 at St. Mary’s Academy in Rawalpindi.

Christian youngsters from 23 parishes of the northern diocese attended lectures by professionals including Christian government officers on career guidance, entrepreneurship and peace building along with tableaus, reflections on Biblical parables and daily Masses. The event concluded with an exhibition by 15 companies who had stalls to guide participants.

Source: UCANews

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