Israel – Gaza: Interview with David Neuhaus SJ

David Neuhaus, S.J., left Johannesburg, South Africa, on Oct. 7 to return to Jerusalem to teach Scripture. After a delay in Istanbul, he got back to Tel Aviv on Oct. 8, discovering that a full-scale war had broken out between Israel and Gaza after horrific attacks in southern Israel by Hamas.

Born in South Africa during the apartheid era, Father Neuhaus has lived most of his life in Israel and is an Israeli citizen. An astute political observer, he holds a Ph.D in political science from Hebrew University. He joined the Jesuits in 1992 and was ordained in 2000. He studied Scripture in Rome and has spent many years teaching at the Seminary of the Latin Catholic Patriarchate in Bethlehem and in other academic institutions in Israel and Palestine.

In an interview with America in 2022, Father Neuhaus drew attention to the humanitarian situation in Gaza, saying that it was “besieged by the Israelis and ignored by the world.” On Oct. 11, he spoke from Jerusalem with America’s Johannesburg correspondent to offer some background on the crisis and discuss how a deeper catastrophe may be averted.

Source: America Magazine

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