Israel-Palestine: ‘Dig two Graves When Seeking Revenge – One for Yourself’

During the slaughter at the Nahal Oz kibbutz last Saturday, terrified residents hiding from Hamas killers pleaded for help on their WhatsApp group. When their phones started pinging with messages in Hebrew telling them the attack was over and it was safe to come out, and they duly did, the gunmen were waiting outside to mow them down. It transpired the killers had used the phones of earlier Israeli victims to lure the people to their deaths.

Within 48 hours, on the other side of the border In Gaza, 260 children lay dead amid the rubble and smoke of Israel’s counter-attack.

Two wrongs do not make a right. What they make is a vortex of reprisals that erode the humanity of enemies. There is a saying attributed to a Japanese proverb that, when you are seeking revenge, you should dig two graves – one for yourself.

Source: Irish Times

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