Jinja, Uganda: Celebration of Lives Lived in Service and Devotion

In the warm embrace of Buvunya, we were blessed with the privilege of illuminating the candles of remembrance for our dearly departed ‘Friends of Mill Hill’ brothers and sisters. Today’s Holy Mass unfolded in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Kivimbu Augustine and Modesta, a family that has graciously hosted numerous Mill Hill Missionaries over the years.

Gathered together, we shared in the beauty of this sacred occasion, uniting in prayer and reflection. The Mass, a testament to the enduring spirit of our FOMH (Friends of Mill Hill), echoed with the voices of those who had trodden these paths before us. Their legacy, like a flame passed from candle to candle, continued to light our way.

The atmosphere was not merely one of solemnity, but a celebration of lives lived in service and devotion. As we rejoiced in the shared memories and stories recounted by the seasoned Mill Hillers, it became evident that the bonds formed in these homes extend beyond time.

In the company of FOMH, each Mass becomes a testament to the strength of community and the enduring spirit of support for the Mission of Evangelisation. The Lord’s presence was palpable in the shared prayers, the flickering candles, and the warm hospitality of the Kivimbu family.

May this simple yet profound gathering serve as an inspiration to all, reminding us of the importance of coming together, remembering those who have gone before us, and finding strength in unity as we continue our mission of spreading the Gospel and supporting Mill Hill Missionaries.

In the light of shared memories and the glow of friendship, we move forward, fortified by the collective spirit of FOMH.

Fr. Placide Elia the Director of the FOMH Uganda.

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