Jinja, Uganda – Friends of Mill Hill Reunion

A Heartwarming Gathering of Faith: Friends of Mill Hill Reconnect with Mr. Alfred Okumu

On a beautiful Sunday, the 29th of October 2023, a group of devoted Friends of Mill Hill, including Mum Valeria and Mum Ben, had the privilege of visiting one of the founding members and long-time friend of the Mill Hill Missionaries in Uganda, Mr. Alfred Okumu, at his home in Bukaya. The visit was a testament to the enduring bonds of friendship and faith that have flourished over the years.

Mr. Okumu’s presence among us the Friends of Mill Hill has been a cornerstone of our journey in Uganda. His unwavering support and commitment to our those days Seminarians now they Priests have left an indelible mark on the hearts of many. This visit was a way of reciprocating the deep respect and gratitude felt towards him.

The visit was such a heartwarming experience that we decided to have a Mass at Mr. Okumu’s home on Thursday, the 2nd of November 2023, to further strengthen the connection and celebrate the spirit of togetherness. Today, that Mass came to fruition, and it was a true testament to the power of faith and community.

Even the rain couldn’t deter us and the members of the Small Christian Community, who braved the elements to attend the Mass. Their presence, despite the weather, was a touching demonstration of their devotion and love for Mr. Okumu and the Mill Hill Missionaries. We celebrated the Mass with a dual purpose – it was an opportunity for spiritual enrichment and a gesture of encouragement for the older members of the Friends of Mill Hill.

The attendance at the Mass was not just encouraging; it was an embodiment of the enduring legacy of faith and fellowship that the Mill Hill Missionaries have fostered in Uganda. It was a moment to reflect on the journey so far and to find inspiration in the shared beliefs that bind the community together.

This Mass was a reaffirmation of the enduring spirit of faith and friendship that transcends time and circumstances. The Mass served as a beacon of hope for the future and a reminder of the strength that unity in faith can bring.

In conclusion, the visit to Mr. Alfred Okumu and the subsequent Mass were testaments to the enduring bonds of friendship and faith nurtured by the Friends of Mill Hill in Uganda. Their dedication to the mission of supporting and praying for the MHM and their commitment to the Church are truly inspiring and reflect the essence of community and shared belief. We continue to remind all the FOMH  of the power of faith, friendship, and the enduring impact of the Mill Hill Missionaries’ work in the lives.

Placide Elia MHM

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