Jinja Youth Day: Faith, Ministry, Presence of the Spirit

In a joyous celebration, the Jinja Diocese Youth came together for a momentous occasion known as the Jinja Youth Day. The event saw the participation of Young Catholic Students (YCS) from across the diocese. This special day was marked by two significant ceremonies: the confirmation ceremony and the institution of Extraordinary Eucharistic Ministers.

Among the distinguished Extraordinary Eucharistic Ministers, we here in the Mill Hill formation House Jinja Uganda had 18 students among 30 students who were instituted into this ministry by the Vicar General, Mgr. Paul Musana. Mgr. Paul Musana, representing his Lordship Charles Martin Wamika, expressed deep appreciation for the active participation of the Jinja Diocese’s faithful during the Ugandan Martyrs’ commemoration this year.

As these students were confirmed; some of the PCJ Seminarians were commissioned as Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist, they were reminded that they now carry the Spirit of the Lord with them. Their mission is to bring Christ to those who are in greatest need, both within their schools and the wider community.

With students hailing from different schools in Jinja, the call to action was clear: defend your faith and bring it to life within your respective educational institutions. This involves demonstrating true love, self-control, a spirit of prayer, and humanity. By doing so, they can make their schools vibrant centers of faith.

The Vicar General emphasized that courage is needed to defend one’s faith, and it’s a responsibility shared by all. Regardless of their Catholic background, young people were encouraged not to be ashamed to carry their Rosary and pray in public spaces, including their schools and places of ministry.

Mgr. Paul Musana questioned the fear some Catholics have of praying in public, reminding them that there’s no reason to be ashamed of Christ while seeking blessings from the Lord. He stressed the importance of maintaining clean bodies, as our physical bodies are considered the temple of the Lord. This purification is achieved through the sacraments of reconciliation and the Holy Eucharist.

In conclusion, the Jinja Youth Day served as a powerful reminder of the significance of faith, ministry, and the presence of the Spirit of the Lord in the lives of the youth. It called upon young people to be courageous, embrace their faith, and be unafraid to share it with the world, as they carry the teachings of Christ to those in need.

Placide Elia Batondobi MHM

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