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In order to carry out her missionary mandate, St Joseph’s Missionary Society continues to invite and welcome anyone who wishes to join in her Mission and Way of Life and to be part of the network of missionaries working in Africa, Asia and in Latin America either as ordained or lay members.

Becoming a Member

Membership is not something that is given to applicants on fulfilling certain criteria but after a period of formation and assessment as to the suitability of the candidate for the type of mission, life and work that the Society is about. A short description of the process and various stages of becoming a member of the Society is outlined in this section.


What kind of people are we looking for to join the St Joseph’s Missionary Society? What qualities need they possess to become members of the Society? Even though candidates undergo a formation period to help them discern their vocation and to help them develop in the various areas of their life, there are certain elements that are to be discerned initially.

Formative Programme

St Joseph’s Missonary Society has put in place a Formation Programme for the training of those who desire to be part of the Society either as missionary priests or lay members. This section describes this programme and offers a glimpse into what this formation entails for those who join.

The Society has eight Formation Centres: one in Uganda, one in Cameroon and two in Kenya, three in India and another in the Philippines. This section describes each of the Centres and the unique character that each of this centres gives to the Formation Programme.

Vocation Directors

To find out more about St Joseph’s Misisoanry Society and the Mill Hill Missionaries working in your region and country, please contact the Vocation Director in your respective country. Contact details are given here.