Kakamega, Kenya: Discovering Creative Ways of Dealing with Coronavirus Lockdown

Priests who spoke to ACI Africa in separate telephone interviews also highlighted various ways in which Christians can still participate in church activities in times of pandemics.

According to Fr. Thomas Ngong MHM of Luanda Parish in Kenya’s Diocese of Kakamega, COVID-19 has created a spiritual dilemma that the Priest says could provide a turning point for the Church in future.

“The Christians are desperately feeling abandoned and spiritually dry within this period of COVID-19 especially in Kenya and other countries where churches have been completely closed. The pastors equally, feel the helplessness in their pastoral ministries within this period,” said Fr. Thomas.

And as he waited for the reopening of the churches, the Cameroonian-born Priest celebrated daily Mass in private and thought about Christians at Luanda Parish in Kakamega diocese who called, saying how they missed Mass. Bust as days went by, Fr. Thomas says he decided to act.

“At first, I thought the suspension of Mass was temporary but as I waited, I could see the situation only getting worse. That is why I decided to start sharing morning homilies,” he says, referring to the Daily Scripture readings that he has been sharing on the parish WhatsApp group wall for over a month.

Though the 94 participants on the Luanda Parish WhatsApp Group are just a small representation of the thousands of families in Parish, Fr. Thomas says better half a loaf of bread than no bread at all.

Source: ACIAfrica

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