Kakuma Refugee Camp (Kenya) – Religious Sisters Agents of Reconciliation

The hostility in the camp has prompted religious sisters to find ways of reconciling these communities and empowering them.

Lim, who hails from Singapore and has worked in the camp for more than seven years, said they introduced weekly counseling and prayer sessions to help thousands of refugees recover from the wounds and scars caused during the civil war.

During the counseling sessions in groups of 20 to 40 people, mainly from the Dinka and Nuer, refugees traumatized by injuries or memories of how their loved ones were brutally killed can freely share their experiences.

“Some of the refugees cry uncontrollably when they narrate their horrific experiences, but that’s the way of healing and accepting themselves,” said Lim, adding that some are taken to hospitals for professional assistance. “We encourage refugees to forgive each other, show love to each other and live in peace as brothers and sisters.”

Source: Global Sisters Report

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