Kanowit, Malaysia: A Mill Hill Missionary Student’s Grateful Farewell

As part of the Mission Experience Programme (MEP) of the Mill Hill Missionaries temporary member Pulagam Ravi spent two years immersing himself in the life Kanowit parish in Sarawak, Malaysia. 

Two years of my stay in Kanowit, Sarawak are coming to an end. Now it’s almost time to say goodbye to my second home…in the process of it, yesterday, one of our chapel’s, Durin, gave me a token of gratitude, farewell… For the last two years life has been so enriching and been blessed with abundant love and blessings. Thank God for this beautiful journey and also thank all those who had part in this awesome and adventurous journey…

A special word of gratitude to all people of Durin for their unconditional love and friendship all this while… It has been so enriching.. Thanks for coming yesterday to bless me and to wish me all the best for the journey and for the next stage of life… I am sure, and assure you, that this will remain forever in my life… Thank you.. God bless.

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