Karamoja, Uganda: Welcoming New Arrival to Panyanga Parish

In the heart of Panyangara Parish, a momentous occasion took place on the 10th of September, a day that will forever be etched in the memories of its faithful. It was a day of profound gratitude, joy, and renewed hope as our beloved parish welcomed a new shepherd into its flock. Fr. Eric Njume Njume, hailing from the distant shores of Cameroon, has graced us with his presence, and the impact of his arrival has already begun to resonate deeply within our community.

The Parish Council, with unwavering dedication, organised a grand welcoming mass on the 10th of September, a celebration that was nothing short of extraordinary. Christians from all the outstations of Panyangara Parish congregated at our main church, not merely as attendees but as a unified testament of our profound gratitude to the Almighty for the gift of Fr. Eric Njume Njume. His presence among us brings a ray of hope, like a beacon illuminating our path in this part of the world.

The welcoming mass, officiated by Fr. Denis Wanjala, Fr. Ignatius Nshing Tanjua, Fr. Eric Njume Njume and Dn. Kevin Brown, was an exuberant display of faith, love, and unity. It symbolized the bond that connects us as a parish and the shared anticipation of the positive impact Fr. Eric will have on our lives. It is through such events that we strengthen our faith and aspirations as the people of Karamoja.

As we welcome Fr. Eric into our midst, we are filled with hope that his mission in Panyangara Parish will be a resounding success. We are confident that his dedication, compassion, and spiritual guidance will nurture the souls of our parishioners, leading us to a deeper connection with our faith and with one another.

Fr. Eric, we extend our deepest gratitude to your superiors for choosing you to embark on this mission in our community. Your decision to join us is a testament to your unwavering commitment to serve the Lord and His people. We are truly blessed to have you, and we eagerly anticipate the spiritual journey we will embark on together.

May you find fulfillment and joy in your ministry here. May your faith remain steadfast, and may your wisdom and compassion touch the lives of all who cross your path. As you become intertwined with the lives of the people of Karamoja, we pray that you continue to be a source of inspiration, guidance, and comfort to us all.

Conclusively, we wish Fr. Eric a happy and fruitful stay in Panyangara as he commences this new chapter of your mission. Together, with the grace of God, we will continue to grow as a vibrant, faith-filled community, and your presence among us is a beacon that will guide us on this journey of faith. Welcome, Fr. Eric Njume Njume, to Panyangara Parish and may your time with us be abundantly blessed.

Mathias Makoba




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