Kenya: Covid-19 Tangaza University College Rethink of Its Meaning and Function

“Many of us who have perhaps studied through High School thought of University as some place we shall go, some kind of epitome, the highest level of education,” Prof. Wang’ombe said and added, “But perhaps along the way we confused the meaning of University. It is not a place. The place with the buildings and the resources and structures are only tools to facilitate what a University is.”

The Kenyan-born Prof. who has been at the helm of the jointly owned Catholic institution since January continued, “A University’s function is the function of knowledge sharing, knowledge creation. It is a function of using knowledge for community transformation.”

“Let us not think, at any one moment that Universities are closed. No, Universities ought to be carrying out their function in the new norm and that is we are challenged to,” Prof. Wang’ombe said during the August 21 event at TUC, a nine-Institute entity that is owned by 22 Religious Orders and Societies of Apostolic Life.

Source: ACIAfrica

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