Kenya: Listening to the Cry of the Earth and the Poor

At the Global Catholic Climate Movement, reforestation projects are a top priority. Like the one in Kenya for the Kakamega Forest which was once part of forest of the Congo Basin but is now the only remaining rainforest in East Africa. It covers more than 200 square kilometres not far from Lake Victoria, in one of Kenya’s most densely populated rural areas. “In this green lung, in a deforested and degraded area, we have planted more than 3 thousand indigenous trees thanks to our Laudato si’ Animators Program and through the local community, parishioners, Caritas, a collaboration with the Anglican Church as well as with other realities that have similar projects: together with our partners we have planted more than 50 thousand trees,” Fr Benedict explains. It’s a project that ties in with both International Forest Day 2021, and with this year’s Earth Day on 22 April, dedicated to the theme “Restore Our Earth”.

Father Ayodi, who is originally from Kakamega itself, knows the rainforest well. “It is like that of the Amazon,” he observes, “so it is very important for this region and for Africa in general to regulate biodiversity and to address the problem of global warming.”

Source: Vatican News

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