Kenya: Mission among the Maasai

Jesus Christ in His mission on earth taught us about – among many things – patience and perseverance. Working in a rural area calls for one to embrace such values and for us, the two values are necessary since this place is regarded, and truly is a hardship area. These two values enable us to walk with the people at their own pace as they go through the journey of faith and to persevere the hardships of having to travel long deserted distances to reach the people, sometimes meeting three or so people on a Sunday.  

The last three years have been such and I’me sure other missionaries who were here before us underwent a tougher ordeal than this. The last three years have provided an opportunity for the Mill Hill Missionaries in Ngong Diocese to open a new parish, after several years of absence, a parish  that will serve the people of God within the Maasai Mara area.

The new parish christened St Francis Xavier was declared open on the 12th December 2021. St Francis Xavier being the patron saint for the missions inspires us here to reach out to the marginalized in our community and to bring the locals to experience the love of Jesus Christ through communing together and sharing with their journeys.

Our new Mission is a vast area covering a radius of about 70kms. There are two Mill Hill missionaries serving in here. Most of the time they have to drive through a wildlife reserve area in order to reach the communities that are living around the Maasai Mara National Game Reserve, in the southern part of Kenya. We continually dedicate ourselves to the process of evangelization by reaching out to the villages, schools, and people in the remotest of places so that the love of Christ may be felt among the broken and the marginalized in the communities that we work with.

 As we follow our charism of Love and Service we would like to appreciate and acknowledge the great support that we have received from you, both financially and through your prayers. Your support has been of great help and has enabled us to serve well those that we have been sent to and to love them unreservedly. Your continued support is highly welcome since the area is low-income and truly needs external support as it picks up.

Fr David Masiga MHM


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