Kinshasa, DR Congo: Inspiring Young People

Christian formation remains a key for laying a strong foundation of a parish. Our Society, the Mill Hill Missionaries, has been given a parish in DRC where many young people are facing a number of challenges. Because of their life’s conditions, many have been involved in unbearable lifestyles. This has drawn our attention as a team (Marius and Patrick) in Kinshasa to give more energy to the formation of the young people. The idea of introducing the group of Bilenge ya Mwinda (Youth of Light) in our parish (which has never been here in the parish before) was to help these young people deal with the challenges that they are facing in life. 

Therefore, on 30th January, 2021, St. François de Paule/Mose parish in the Archdiocese of Kinshasa/DRC, witnessed the first group of many young people who have committed themselves in the group of Bilenge ya Mwinda (Youth of Light) after completing their first step of formation in this group.

The Youth of Light was founded by Bishop Ignace Matondo Kwa Nzambi in 1975. It is a group of young people whose formation is for young people. We were blessed by the presence of Catholic Radio Television Elikya who broadcast the Mass and after Mass, I was interviewed to talk about the Mill Hill Missionaries. Although, we have been in DRC since 1905, the majority of the people in Kinshasa have never heard of our Congregation, for our mission is not to make our Society known but making Jesus known above all.  One of the reasons why the Congregation is not known in Kinshasa is that in Congo, we have been working only in Basankusu Diocese. This is because Basankusu Diocese remains the periphery of peripheries, as our General Superior, Rev. Fr. Michael put it. Therefore, following in the footsteps of our founder, mission areas such as Basankusu, Plateau de Bateke and others within Kinshasa remains “the neediest”.  

Patrick Lonkoy MHM

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