Kinshasa, DR Congo: Report from the Grassroots


I left the main mission today and rode a bike to our last mission station distance wise; over 80km. After a heavy rainfall, I managed to reach there. Behold joyful faces and hearts were there to say: “Boyei molamu Sango… tokanisaki ‘te, okoya lisusu te, zambi mbula ebetaki makasi lobi na butu!” ( translations from lingala; welcome Father, we thought you would not come after the heavy rains which fell the whole night!”

Despite the nature of the bad roads and a serious fall from the bike while going, the Christian community of about a hundred people, gave me joy! Friends, this is where we pray. From Monday’s to Saturday’s, the children use it as classrooms, while on Sunday, we use it for Mass/Service in the absence of a priest.

Sincere thanks to the my fellow Mill Hill Missionaries who are making it possible for the gospel to reach these people of God by supporting the mission. Special thanks to my benefactors who continue to support in one way or the other, and I count on you reading this; it may be a widows mite for you but a might for them. God bless your generous contributions/prayers… Amen!


Your mission priest!

Rev. Fr. Marius Tapang (Mill Hill Missionary DR Congo)

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