Kipini, Kenya: Celebrating Our Lady Star of the Sea

It’s a pleasure to share our insights on the feast of Our Lady Star of the Sea which is a fundamental feast in the life of our Mission area of Kipini Sub-Parish. Here in Kipini, this feast is celebrated and observed on the first day of the month of October each year. This is so because the month of October is a month dedicated to Mother Mary who is the principal guide of our Sub-Parish. On this particular day we come together as a sub=parish, to celebrate it as one family in thanksgiving to God for the journey of faith he has made with us. We also celebrate the seed of faith which is thriving in us planted by our pioneer missionaries in the hearts of our first Christians here and it is bearing fruit through the intercession of our Blessed Mother Star of the Ocean.

Many years ago, the seed of faith was planted in the hearts of few Christians here at the coast of Kenya by our Pioneer Mill Hill Missionaries ranging from Fr. Albert Buijs, Fr. Adolf Pöll, and more to the current team of young and energetic missionaries under the Leadership of Fr. Kimbi Alex, Fr. Ananth Nayak together with our different students on their Mission Experience programme; Paul Magero, Anand, and Mark. This team operates in the larger Witu-Kipini Parish.

Drawing inspiration from the parable of the sower, the seed of faith too planted in this area has met with several challenges but the fertile soil in the area which is the productive and faithful hearts of our increasing Christian community nurtured by the ceaseless work of our missionaries, has seen progressive steps made in the growth of the faith in the area.

In order to realize a firm and increased growth in the faith and for effective management, two years ago, a new idea was conceived and Kipini zone was installed as an independent Sub-Parish by the Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Malindi His Grace Willybard Lagho with Fr. Ananth Nayak as its Caretaker in February 2022.

On this particular day as a Sub-Parish we took on Our Lady Star of the sea as our Patroness and entrusted ourselves under her patronage and guidance. Since then, there has been a lot of progress realized with our team on the ground. We fully trust that it is by her intercession, prayer and guidance that together as one family, we have moved this far.

Celebrating our achievements as a family in a journey made together in a period of one year and half, this year’s celebration were graced by the presence of our Regional Superior who was also our chief guest Rev. Fr. Hillary Awiti. It was a joy to have him and to celebrate together with him. On this day, we recounted our journey made together, the challenges faced and proposed the way forward. The Christian community expressed their gratitude to our team on the ground for their enormous effort and for their loving service they render to them.

Finally, this feast and family day celebration was very important and key to Christians. The feast was a reminder to the Christians how our Lady Star of the Sea has accompanied them through her motherly intercession in the journey of faith. It also gave an opportunity for the Christians as they came together, they were able to bond as one family but above all they were able to realize the need for them to continually support the church and to fully involve themselves in the running of the parish activities. We continue to dedicate ourselves under the guidance of our blessed Mother, Star of the Sea.

Blessed Mother Star of the Sea Pray for us!


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