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Kisumu, Kenya: Striking Witness to Life at the Grassroots in Times of Covid.

The KUAP Pandipieri projects in Kisumu, Kenya arose from the idea that problems should be solved in the first place by the own community, with as much own resources as possible and using the talents that are present. KUAP Pandipieri is now one of the oldest projects in East Africa and a recognized NGO that annually supports more than 100,000 people in the poorest neighborhoods of Kisumu from health clinics, schools, orphan and street children programs.

In this series we ask friends and those involved in KUAP Pandipieri’s projects how the ‘Pandi philosophy’ is reflected in their daily lives.

Eunice Onani was a teacher at the Pandipieri primary school and is a hostess for Dutch visitors. Christianne Wilms asked her: how does the Pandi philosophy come back in your life?

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