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Kitale, Kenya: Increased Needs – But Working with the Brakes on

Jacinta van Luijk MHM , Mill Hill lay missionary associate, is the driving force behind the KItale Community Advancement Programme (KAP. She writes:

Since corona started, there have been visibly more sick and dead, teenage mothers, school dropouts, alcohol and drug abusers, suicides and domestic violence. Preparations for the elections at the end of 2022 have moved into high gear. The Indian corona variant arrived in Kenya at the end of May and has since spread considerably. The curfew (from 7 pm) means less income for many people, even hunger! In addition, prices are rising sharply. The prolonged drought has destroyed many crops.

All this clearly creates increased tensions. Our staff members often do not have an easy time at home either. There is therefore a lot for us to do. Unfortunately, our county is currently in lockdown, and we are also only allowed to work in small groups and for a short period of time. This requires extra creativity in the execution of our activities.

Corona prevention, especially the importance of vaccination, receives a lot of attention. Vaccines are still scarce in Kenya and many people are unwilling to be vaccinated due to gossip. There is hardly any information about this. So even more work for us to help ensure that as soon as the Covid vaccinations arrive, the population will be ready to receive them.

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