Kotido, Uganda: Fr Len Wiedemayr MHM Remembered

The news of the passing on of Fr Len Wiedemayr spread so fast among the people in Kotido evoking living memories of the man who served wholeheartedly and with courage in a very humble and simple ways.

On the evening of the 19th of August 2022, the Bishop of Kotido Catholic Diocese gathered together with Christians from three Parishes where Fr Len Served (Good shepherd Cathedral Parish, St Joseph’s Parish Panyangara and Sacred Heart Parish Loyoro) to celebrate a requiem mass for Fr Len.

It was a solemn mass and the Bishop in his homily reflected on the driving force behind the great achievements of Len. He loved God and in so doing lived life to the full, becoming a source of life for many people and communities. He used his intelligence and all his resources for the good of the people. He did great things but always with humility and in obedience to the will of God. The Bishop encouraged and comforted the people to become people who love God completely and who can then become sources of life and renewal to others. He thanked God for the gift of Len to the church and especially to the Diocese of Kotido. Fr Len remains forever in the hearts of the people in Uganda for the many years he served touching so many lives and communities. Rest in Peace Fr Leonard Wiedemayr.

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