Kroonstad, South Africa: Resignation Bishop Peter John Holiday

Pope Francis has accepted the resignation of Bishop Peter John Holiday of the Catholic Diocese of Kroonstad in South Africa.

The acceptance of the resignation of the 70-year-old Catholic Bishop who started his Episcopal Ministry in Kroonstad Diocese in June 2011 was published by the Holy See Press office on Monday, December 12 and announced by members of the Southern African Catholic Bishops’ Conference (SACBC).

Bishops are required to submit their respective letters of retirement at the age of 75. Compelling reasons such as “ill-health or other grave problems” are given as justifications for Bishops’ request to resign before their mandatory age.

The Holy See Press Office report does not give reasons for the resignation of Bishop Holiday. However, a statement from the leadership of the Catholic Diocese of Kroonstad says the Holy Father accepted the resignation of the Bishop “following his sudden illness”.

Source: ACIAfrica

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