Kumba, Cameroon: Priestly Ordination and Centenary Celebrations.                                              

Christians of the Diocese of Kumba assembled in the Sacred Heart Cathedral, Fiango, Kumba, on Friday 17th June 2022 to witness the priestly ordination of their son Rev. Elvis Chamboli by Mgr Agapitus Nfon, Bishop of Kumba and for the centenary celebration of the presence of the Mill Hill Missionaries in the Ecclesiastical Province of Bamenda. This occasion was graced by thirty-five priests from Kumba diocese and beyond. The liturgy of the occasion lasted for over three hours and was well animated by St Berita Choir of Sacred Heart Cathedral Kumba. 

In his homily, the Bishop gave reasons why Kumba could not be indifferent to the centenary celebration. This is because the Mill Hill Missionaries had improved the economic welfare of communities in Kumba, boosted academic excellence through schools, provided quality health centers and promoted the growth of vocations. He added that the centenary was a time for the missionaries to reflect, check their failures and look for a way forward. He then begged the congregation to pray for Fr Elvis Chamboli and advised him to maintain a simple and sober lifestyle.         

At the end of Mass, speeches were made by the President of the Diocesan Pastoral Council, Barrister Tanyi Kenneth and the Society’s Representative of the Mill Hill Missionaries in Cameroon, Fr Innocent Akum Wefon while thanking the Bishop and diocese of Kumba for their support throughout the centenary year of the Mill Hill Missionaries in Cameroon. 

Fr Elvis Chamboli has been appointed to St Joseph’s Parish Luanda in Kenya.

Anthony Ndang MHM. Friends of Mill Hill Cameroon.

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