Kumbo, Cameroon: Bishop George Nkuo Jubilee

In his homily during the Friday, May 7 Holy Mass to mark the fortieth Priestly anniversary of Bishop Nkuo, Archbishop Andrew Nkea said that the Bishop of Kumbo has continually exercised his ministry with love and care.

“Bishop George loves the people of Kumbo with his whole heart and is ready to die with them and for them,” Archbishop Nkea said during the Eucharistic celebration held at St. Augustine’s College Campus grounds in Kumbo. 

He acknowledged with appreciation the Bishop Nkuo’s sense of duty saying that while the Diocese of Kumbo “remains one of the most affected centres of crisis and confrontation between warring factions” leading to the departure of people and the closure of businesses, “in all this conflict and situation, the Bishop of Kumbo did not run away from his diocese even for one day to hide and rest.”

Source: ACIAfrica

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