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Kuron, South Sudan: An Oasis of Peace and Love

Bishop Paride Taban was born at Lomura-Opari in 1936. Ordained Priest on 24th May 1964,Ordained Auxiliary Bishop of Juba Archdiocese on 4th May 1980 and was appointed the 1st bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Torit on 7th August 1983.

The dream of Holy Trinity Peace Village Kuron started in 1999. This was after his visit to Himmerod “the Cistraa community of monks at Trier in Germany, the Oasis of Peace “Neve Shalom/Wahat al-Salem in Israel and the Catholic University in Bethel, where he had observed people from different communities (Christians, Muslims and Traditionalists) living in harmony as one family. The Bishop was inspired with the desire to create a similar community model in his own country. On his pastoral visits in Kapoeta areas and Boma, he identified Kuron as a potential village for actualizing his dream.

Bishop Paride retired from the administration of the diocese in 2004 to continue with his dream of the peace Village in Kuron, to bring peace among the Toposa, Jie, Kachipo, Murle and Nyangatom who have been using the land around river Kuron as a grazing area and often there is a fight because of pasture and cattle raiding.

It started with a demonstration farm 1999 then a bridge was built in 2000 to connect the two states of greater Pibor and Equatoria. This bridge had its own advantages and disadvantages. It made it easy for the people of Greater Pibor and Eastern Equatoria to move but made it easy for the warring tribes to cross for raiding even during rainy season.

To stop this, Holy Trinity Peace Village was founded near the bridge to acts as a unifying factor for peace to coexist among the tribes. Besides Peace program a health centre, a school was constructed alongside pastoral work.

To date people from these tribes receive ser vices at the health centre, the children study together and the youth play games for peace together. This has stop blood shed though there are incidence of child abduction which is minimal.

This year 2020 He celebrated his 84th birthday in Kuron. At 84 bishop served fifty six years as a priest and forty years as a bishop.

He is continuing with his work of peace and he hopes to see peace comes to south Sudan and Sudan before God gives him eternal rest.

Below are the words of Bishop Paride Taban which makes Holy Trinity Peace Village a better place to live in.

Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Compassion, Sympathy, Kindness, Truthfulness, Gentleness, Self control, Humility, Poverty, forgiveness, Mercy, Friendship, Trust, Unity, Purity, Faith and Hope. I love you, I miss you, thank you, I forgive, we forget, together, I am wrong, I am sorry. Understanding, discernment and wisdom.

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