Lamu, Kenya:Visiting Tomb of Slain Missionary

15 years have gone by and on the beautiful Island of Lamu in Kenya is a grave of a Foreigner with an epitaph “PRAY FOR BR. BRIAN, MILL HILL MISSIONARY, BORN 1931, DIED APRIL 2008.

This Dedicated missionary was killed in Lamu Island in 2008, just 4 months before I was accepted to join the formation program for Mill Hill Missionaries to become a Mill Hill Missionary too. Becoming a missionary and hearing fresh stories of missionaries killed in foreign lands was not an easy decision to make.

15 years down that line and I got the opportunity to leave my home country and serve the Church in Lamu County where our late Brother was killed doing what he had desired to do in his life; to love and to serve.

I did not meet Br Brian in his life neither did the majority of my brother working with me ever meet him. But we feel a sense of family bond that keeps us as a Mill Hill Family together. With this, we make an effort to visit his grave in April to pray for him.

Our team today was made of Mill Hill Men from 4 countries. 2 from Kenya, 2 from Uganda, 2 from Cameroon, and 2 from India. “Faith brings us together” These were the words of our general superior Fr Michael Corcoran to the people of Elih mission in Illung parish in Cameroon when he visited them in November 2022 accompanied by young missionaries from different countries. Truly Faith brings us together as God’s children.

Alexander Kimbi Toaghang MHM

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