Lapaz, Philippines: Live Stations of the Cross

Finally one of the signs that we are over the Covid-19 Pandemic era was the Live Stations of the Cross done beautifully by the youths of San Lorenzo Ruiz Parish, Caingin, Lapaz, Archdiocese of Jaro, Iloilo City, Philippines.

This parish is a former Mill Hill Parish and even till today, the memories of Fr. Harry Smithuis, their former Parish priest is still fresh in the minds of the Parishioners. Just like last year, I decided to have my Triduum there and many times for these past two days, many knowing that I am a Mill Hill Missionary, have been asking after Fr. Harry Smithuis.

It has been a tradition like in many parishes here in the Philippines that Christians have a live Stations of the Cross on Good Friday. However, with the Covid-19 Pandemic, for the past two years this didn’t happen. So there was renewed anxiety in everyone to experience once more the live Stations of the Cross.

The youths of Caingin Parish, under the able Parish priest, Fr. Dennis Gallon had this morning a very touching and emotional performance of the Passion of Christ. It was one of its kind for me. I am sure it led many including me into deep contemplation of what Christ went through for us. Moreover, to see young people taking their time to master the scripts of the Passion Narrative and do it so beautiful gave me a lot of assurance that all hope for the young people is not lost.

The Church still has a great future. God bless the youths of Caingin and the parish priest who organized all these.

Tony Emeka MHM

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